The case to expand the Big 12 Conference by adding Rice University and Texas-El Paso (UTEP)

The Big 12 United Conference - Just One Big Play Away

1INTRODUCTION: The Big 12 Lives! After two near-death experiences, the conference has 10 strong teams. But what does the future hold? Read more

2VIDEO: We recorded the complete proposal one Saturday at a local sports restaurant. See the videos

3DOWNLOAD PDF: the complete proposal with athletic, academic, economic and political reasons why UTEP & Rice belong in the Big 12.

4COULD IT HAPPEN? Rice and UTEP in the Big 12: Who will decide this? What can UTEP and Rice fans do? Read the closing argument

The Big 12 Conference was all but left for dead twice in the past two years, (beginning with Nebraska’s and Colorado’s decision to leave for the Big Ten and (now) Pac-12 Conference in the summer of 2010), only to somehow revive itself and remain alive and kicking as a major collegiate athletic conference. The most recent near-death experience followed Texas A&M University’s decision last summer to leave the Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference (SEC), followed by the University of Missouri. Nevertheless, when the dust settled, the “new” Big 12 survived and to many minds even improved its overall strength and “brand” as a BCS conference with the additions of TCU and the University of West Virginia.
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